Jarrell Fabricators LLC. 480-585-3119
   Jarrell Fabricators LLC.      480-585-3119 

Custom made airplane fuel tanks, repair and supply company. 

 Our company offers services which include airplane fuel tanks, aircraft fuel tanks, aircraft fuel tank repair along with 4130 chromoly fabrication or repairs for your aircraft. Our products are fabricated for:

 American Legend Aircraft Company,

Aircraft Spruce and Specialty, Steen Aerolab,

D&E Aircraft of Florida and Tommy Meyer Aircraft.

 Products we supply:

 Pitts Fuel Tank, EAA Bi-Plane, Flybaby fuel tank,      Pitts S1 11B Superstinker Fuel Tank, Skybolt Fuel Tank, Acrosport 1&2 fuel tanks, Acroduster fuel tank,

Starduster1&2 Fuel tanks, Cub Fuel tank, along with Waco,  J-3 Cub, Cuby, and Aerocommander . We fabricate from drawings that we have, supplied by you, copying originals or mock-ups.  Or repair yours to save you money!
We make custom tanks for aerobatic aircraft. 


 Please call us to see if we can help with your aircraft needs!  480 585 3119

Thank You!

Shawn Jarrell 

Meyer Aircraft Company

          "Big Toot"








Shawn Jarrell

Phoenix, Arizona



E-mail: keepnairspeed1@gmail.com